Wayward Son by Joseph Hansen
Sixth Cycle

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Danger lurks around
every corner


Expanding Horizons
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New Releases
The Alpha Plague 8
by Michael Robertson

Having escaped the Queen and her wicked ways, Flynn and Rose decide to return to put a stop to her. The vicious self-appointed monarch has her sights on Home, but to take her down they need an army. The best place to find one is by liberating the prisoners held by her. The only question is; are they up to the task?

Eradication: Book Four of The Shadow Order
by Michael Robertson

Now the Crimson War has ended, Seb Zodo has returned to the Shadow Order’s base with Sparks, SA, and Bruke. When he finds himself faced with another mission for the Shadow Order, he has a tough choice to make. Refuse the mission or face the deadly threat that could see him and his friends killed.

Wayward Son
by Joseph Hansen

A powerful group has come together to eliminate crime one case at a time using an incredible new technology. Particle separators were a boon to society with their advent, but combined with the newly harnessed energy of dark matter, doors to new worlds have been opened. But, doors open both ways and every time someone goes out something else could be coming in.