The Alpha Plague 5
The First Mission
Alpha Plague 6
Sixth Cycle

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Danger lurks around
every corner


Expanding Horizons
Phalanx Press is a guild of independent writers with a singular purpose - to provide readers with compelling science fiction stories. Formed in 2014, we are proud of our commitment to team work and take a unique, collaborative approach to independent publishing. As the mighty Phalanx tactical formation, our strength is our unity.
New Releases
The Alpha Plague 6: A Fast-Paced Post-Apocalyptic Thriller by Michael Robertson

When Vicky saw the corruption in Hugh’s leadership of Home, she stood up to it and overthrew him. She now finds herself helping run the place and taking on responsibilities she’d rather not have. But if she keeps the community safe, she’ll also keep Flynn safe.

The First Mission: A Space Opera: Book Two of The Shadow Order by Michael Robertson

Seb and Sparks were given a choice: Join the Shadow Order or rot in a prison cell. As Seb touches down for his first mission, he wonders if he’s made the right call. Follow Seb and Sparks in The First Mission, Book Two of The Shadow Order, a fast-paced, planet-hopping, space opera adventure.

The Alpha Plague 5: A Post-Apocalyptic Action Thriller
by Michael Robertson

The Alpha Plague continues with Vicky arriving Home—an underground self-sufficient complex—in one piece. Having convinced herself Home would be safe, Vicky has to come to terms with the fact that nowhere’s safe in this world anymore. And maybe the biggest threat comes from within the complex rather than outside of it.