Invasion of the Dead - Breakdown
Grudge, Operation Highjump
Sixth Cycle

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Danger lurks around
every corner


Expanding Horizons
Phalanx Press is a guild of independent writers with a singular purpose - to provide readers with compelling science fiction stories. Formed in 2014, we are proud of our commitment to team work and take a unique, collaborative approach to independent publishing. As the mighty Phalanx tactical formation, our strength is our unity.
New Releases
120 Seconds: A Shadow Order Novella
by Michael Robertson

Although a fully-qualified Space Marine, Reyes is still just a rookie. A hindrance, a nuisance, a grunt. But when the shuttle she's on crashes, stranding her group of marines on a hostile planet full of murderous beasts, maybe she’ll be given her chance to shine. All they need to give her is 120 seconds.

Grudge: Operation Highjump
by Brian Parker

In 1946 the United States Navy conducted Operation Highjump, an expedition to evaluate the effect of extreme Antarctic cold on US equipment. However, their true purpose remains shrouded in mystery. Were the reports of Nazi activity on the continent accurate? The files were sealed and forgotten, but some grudges never die.

Breakdown: Invasion of the Dead Novel
by Owen Baillie

The early days in the Invasion world, as hazy news reports detail the virus sweeping through the world’s major cities. Few survive, or worse, return in a state of ravenous insanity known to the survivors as the Infected. Former Australian Commando Shane “Mac” McNamara joins up with the last remnants of his team to keep his family alive.