About the Author

Keith McArdle was born in Sydney, Australia, in the winter of 1978. Joining the Army as an infantryman at seventeen, he soon learned what the real world was like. It was a very different place. He has had short stories published in the Australian Army and Royal Australian Air Force newspapers, the Australian Army magazine, 'Incoming!', as well as The Townsville Bulletin.

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Mick and his family have returned home to the farm following Indonesia’s withdrawal. But thousands of battle-hardened enemy soldiers remain hidden in the forests and hills, ready to strike when they are least expected. This fight will take Mick to the limit. Protecting his family will require all his strength and determination. Jimmy and Spud lead a platoon through the Australian scrub on relentless guerrilla strikes. But when they find themselves outnumbered and outgunned, it might have all been for nothing.

A new Australia will rise again … or will it?

Aftermath Keith McArdle