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One of the things that has drawn Rich to the post-apocalyptic genre is how it resets everything.

"The rules of society get turned on their head. What's important immediately becomes very Maslowian. In the case of the zombie plague, safety even takes precedence over the physiological needs. How people would react to that situation is fascinating to me. I try to weave many different perspectives into my writing because no two people, or two groups of people, will have the same reaction. It makes for some interesting scenarios and unlimited causes of conflict."

The novella The Gathering Horde and the follow up novel Roads Less Traveled explore just such a universe of events. The third book in the Zed's World series is almost done, so now is a great time to get caught up on what happened so far...

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For Kyle Puckett, Earth has become a savage place. As the world continues to decay, the survivors of the viral plague have started choosing sides. With each encounter, the stakes - and the body count - continue to rise. With the skies growing darker and the dead pressing in, both sides may soon find out that there is No Way Out.

Zed's World: Book 2
ZED's World Book 1