New Releases February/March 2016

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The Alpha Plague 4

The Alpha Plague 4: A Post-Apocalyptic Action Thriller

by Michael Robertson

Vicky, Rhys, Larissa, and Flynn have avoided the horde of diseased that chased them from Summit City, but they’re far from free. Although the diseased can’t get to them while they remain on top of the shipping container, at some point they’ll have to come down. With a sea of enraged monsters as far as they can see, coming down means certain death.

Exhausted from their escape, they may be able to rest for now, but sooner rather than later, they’re going to have to take action to get themselves out of their current predicament …


Zed’s World Book Two: Roads Less Traveled

by Rich Baker

A terrible plague has been loosed upon the earth. In the course of one night, mankind teeters on the brink of extinction. Fighting through gathering hordes of undead, a group of friends brave military checkpoints, armed civilians, and forced allegiances in an attempt to reach loved ones. Thwarted at every turn, they press forward. But taking roads less traveled, could cost them everything.





Zombie Rush 3

by Joseph Hansen

Normal was still less than a week in the past; those who still fought felt as though it was much, much more. The quest for resources has begun as does the hunt for the Good Doctor who plans his greatest feat. The majority of the living left to bear witness of his macabre utopia as a new predator takes up his trail. Survivors flee the capital city of Little Rock drawing a horde of a magnitude never imagined. They flowed like a river with nothing but two Hot Springs cops to lead the willing against insurmountable odds. Brawn and steel blended into creative intellect would have to be enough against a quarter million marching dead.

Remnants and stragglers of humanity Trickle into the compound that had come to mean so much to the existence of humanity. The visions of high straight stone walls were a myth replaced with the reality of hollow box cars and stacked with empty shipping containers as their only protection. A virtual oasis to those newly arrived. It was a place for a peaceful meal or a hot shower, a place where they had doctors and a hospital that wasn’t infested with eaters of the living. This was it, the entirety of civilization hiding behind the clutter of a capitalized world in its final throes of death. Left alone to fight those that cannot be killed. For you cannot kill –that- which is already dead. The White departed, Red rules the day… Black awaits its time.


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