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Phalanx Press is a guild of independent writers with a singular purpose Рto provide readers with compelling science fiction stories. Formed in 2014, we are proud of our commitment to teamwork and take a unique, collaborative approach to independent publishing. As the mighty Phalanx tactical formation, our strength is our unity.

Our authors are a blend of #1 best-sellers in their genres and fresh new voices from Australia, the UK, and the USA. Phalanx Press publishes original works of fiction in multiple formats with the mission to entertain and excite our readers. We hope you enjoy reading the books as much as our authors enjoyed writing them.

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Meet Our Technical Response Team

Publishing Support

Our authors bring stories to life, but writing is only the first step in the publishing process. It takes a team to support them with cover art design, narration for audiobooks, and editing. We couldn’t do it without our Technical Response Team.

Learn more about our talented team…

What one tool would you want to have in your arsenal for an apocalypse?

Andre Vazquez - Graphic Design
Andrew Wehrlen - Narration
Sara Jones - Editor
Terri King - Editor
Wendy Hughes - Web Designer
Andre Vazquez
Computer Ops

“A magnifying glass to start a fire. As long as the sun was out, I wouldn’t need matches or have to rub sticks together…. ain’t nobody got time for dat.”

Andrew Wehrlen

“My “tool” for the end times would be a fully loaded MRAP.”

Sara Jones

“The only tool I would need in any kind of apocalypse is a flying, fire-breathing dragon that knows how to brew #wordcount.”

Terri King

“Well, the pen is mightier than the sword, but I would choose a good, sturdy knife. With it, I’d be able to fashion a plethora of useful tools for survival and use it for everyday tasks.”

Wendy Hughes

“Is a person a tool? I’d want Woody Harrelson. The twinkie thing might get old, but he’s pretty good killing stuff.”