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Meet Our Technical Response Team

Our authors bring stories to life, but writing is only the first step in the publishing process. It takes a team to support them with cover art design, narration for audiobooks, and editing. We couldn’t do it without them.

Andre Vazquez - Graphic Design

Andre Vazquez, Jr. – Computer Ops

Born with a progressive neuromuscular disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 2, Andre Vazquez Jr. has never let physical paralysis stop him from creating art. From doodling as a youngster to learning to use computer programs like Adobe Photoshop to make award-winning digital photo compositions, he always strived to make artwork that grabs someone’s attention.

In 2012, he established a freelance design business named Angry Chair Designs which now has created artwork for many authors around the world many of them being on the Phalanx Press roster. Although his artwork is usually bright and colorful, he is usually inspired by all things dark. he enjoys Horror, Sci-Fi, Action and comedy movies. he also finds inspiration in Hard Rock and Gangster Rap music. He currently lives in Northern California and is constantly finding new ways to feed his caffeine addiction.  Check out Andre on Facebook!

Why does Andre enjoy working with Phalanx Press?
“…because it allows me to work on the kinda projects I would actually buy and enjoy myself. Also, I feel like I’m contributing something that will help get these stories the attention they deserve.”

Andrew Wehrlen - Narration

Andrew Wehrlen – Communications

Andrew Wehrlen has narrated well over 120 books. He specializes in sci-fi, military, horror and post-apocalyptic. However, this former Marine also has a soft side and narrates romances under a pseudonym. He lives in Northern Virginia – just across the Potomac River from our Nation’s Capitol – with his wife and kids. If he could narrate books from the sandy shores of the South Carolina coast or a Caribbean Island he would. But until such time, his suburban studio will do. Check out Andrew at!

Why does Andrew enjoy working with Phalanx Press?
“The guys write about the things I love, fear and try to prepare for.”

Sara Jones - Editor

Sara Jones – Linguistics

Sara Jones is the person behind Latitude 33° Editing Services. If you’re an author, chances are you have a day job because writing doesn’t pay the bills. You write because you love it. Her day job is teaching writing to junior high school students. She edits on the side because she enjoys helping independent authors publish with confidence, knowing their product is the best it can be. Most of her business comes via referrals from repeat clients, which is a result of her high-quality work at prices independent authors can afford. Visit Sara on Facebook!

Why does Sara enjoy working with Phalanx Press?
“I love that I don’t have to walk on eggshells around any of the Phalanx team members. They don’t cry and call people names when someone disagrees with them. They stand for integrity and exemplify the values that are the hallmark of good character. On top of that, the Phalanx team is comprised of talented individuals who don’t settle for anything less than giving the best of themselves.”

Terri King - Editor

Terri King – Linguistics

Terri King’s background is rather diverse thanks to being a military wife and having a family that encouraged truth and learning. She has three wonderful daughters and nine amazing grandchildren—don’t risk your life by asking or guessing her age. Visit Terri’s website to learn more!

Why does Terri enjoy working with Phalanx Press?
“My love of books brought me to the world of editing where I connected with WJ Lundy and Sara Jones before Phalanx Press was born. I’m honored to continue working with him, Sara, and the many other fantastic authors whose paths have crossed mine because of them and Phalanx Press.”

Wendy Hughes - Web Designer

Wendy Hughes – Navigation

Wendy Hughes is the Phalanx Press web master. In 2012, she started a consulting business, 2772 Marketing, that provides marketing advice and ideas to help small businesses get to the next level. Wendy’s background is very diverse and started in the world of corporate marketing. It was during this time that she met the man of her nightmares dreams, Rich Baker (one of the Phalanx Press authors).

Why does Wendy enjoy working with Phalanx Press?
“I’ve enjoyed diversifying my reading (I’m a paranormal romance girl…which is complete trash) starting with Rich’s Zed’s World series. I’ve branched out with Joe Hansen’s Splinter and have just started 5 Roads To Texas. My only critique is that there aren’t enough sex scenes…”