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Allen Gamboa is a retired peace officer and ex AirForce Sergeant. He lives in the Redwoods with his lovely, former Navy and retired peace officer, wife. He loves all things horror and cake.

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A year after the Undead outbreak the world is in chaos. With the United States now divided into safe zones, Rollie Hale and Linwood Morgan are still out in the wastelands battling the relentless hordes of ravenous dead.  Possessing a possible cure to the Deader virus, two Army Rangers and an alcohol-addled pilot are on the run from the evil Mister Black and his mercenary army.  This is going to be anything but a cakewalk.

Welcome to the world of Dead Island Operation Zulu Ravenous.

Dead Island Ravenous
Dead Island:Operation Zulu
Dead Island : Dos