About The Author

Allen Gamboa is a retired peace officer and ex AirForce Sergeant. He lives in the Redwoods with his lovely, former Navy and retired peace officer, wife. He loves all things horror and cake.

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Books by Allen Gamboa

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While the infected run wild across a broken America, Rick ‘Ram’ Ramacher and Jesse Moreno struggles to make it back home to Northern California. The two slowly come to realize that Ram’s blood may hold the key to a vaccine for the flesh-eating virus and that they have to decide on saving Ram’s family or try to save the survivors of the shattered United States. Invading North Korean and Iranian forces, along with a group of mercenaries, are also searching the ravaged America for Ram and the precious key to an antidote.

A Five Roads To Texas Novel
Dead Island Ravenous
Dead Island:Operation Zulu
Dead Island : Dos