About the Author

A veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Brian Parker was born and raised as an Army brat. He’s currently an Active Duty Army soldier who enjoys hiking, obstacle course racing, writing and Texas Longhorns football. He’s an unashamed Star Wars fan, but prefers to disregard the entire Episode I and II debacle.

Brian is both traditionally and self-published with an ever-growing collection of works across multiple genres, including sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, horror, paranormal thriller, military fiction, self-publishing how-to and even a children’s picture book–Zombie in the Basement, which he wrote to help children overcome the perceived stigma of being different than others.

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Books by Brian Parker

American Dreams – A New Series From Brian Parker
The Decline – American Dreams Book 1

The world transformed in the blink of an eye. H5N8, a deadly strain of coronavirus, shut everything down as people cowered in their homes, fearful of the disease. Schools and businesses shut their doors. The economy crashed. People went hungry, while others hoarded food and supplies. Interaction between neighbors became strained, each believing that the other carried the virus.

When martial law was declared, National Guard troops showed up, patrolling the streets by day and enforcing a strict curfew after dark. While the population was distracted by quarantine, binge-streaming television programs, and arguing over social media, congressional lawmakers pulled their shadowy levers of power by midnight vote, dissolving the United States Government and forming the New American Republic.

The NAR brought about sweeping social reforms and rewrote the US Constitution. Citizenship and service became compulsory. Violators of federal laws were subject to swift, severe punishment.

Bodhi Haskins was muddling his way through online college courses when one of the NAR’s fledgling agencies came to his door, serving him with a draft notice. The opportunity to serve the Republic elevated him above the masses, providing him with food, shelter, and safety. But at what cost? Will his soul ever recover from what his superiors order him to do in the name of progress?

The Ascent – American Dreams Book 2

Welcome to the Revolution.

One man had the courage to stand up for what was right against the tyrants of the New American Republic. The name of Bodhi Haskins became a rally cry for patriots everywhere, giving them the will to fight and take America back from those who seek to destroy her.

Bodhi’s wife, Cassandra, finds herself in the midst of a war zone after Bodhi returns to Texas to fight for freedom alongside his former teammates. She’s forced into action to save their family when NAR forces arrive, attempting to cut off the head of the Resistance and end the war.

No longer content with simply holding the line against protestors and revolutionary forces, the NAR’s leadership wants the insurgency stopped at all costs, deploying loyalist officers and deadly technologies to hot spots around the nation. How far are they willing to escalate the hostilities to remain in power and will America survive the impending Second Civil War?

Only time will tell.

End Game: Side Missions – American Dreams Book 3

The Inner Council must be brought to justice.

The Resistance needs a win in their fight against the tyrannical government of the New American Republic. They’re overmatched, outnumbered, and underequipped. But they have Jason Rogan.

When Rogan was sent to Washington, DC to assist the Resistance on a top-secret mission, he had no idea what his actions would set into motion. He just knew that he had a job to do, and he would see it through, regardless of the marks it would leave upon his soul.

Follow the action in this side mission short story from the American Dreams world and be sure to pick up books 1 and 2 before you read End Game.

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