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Joseph Hansen also writes under the name of H.J. Harry. He is a self- studied author who has made excellent use of the online educational tools such as NaNoWriMo and various other focused critiquing groups.

He is the author of the full-length novels: Zombie Rush (apocalyptic), Splinter (absolute horror), and Cousin Sonny (genre unknown.) He also wrote the short stories; Practice Makes Perfect (in Atz’s A Gathering Horde), Catgut, Town home and the Civilians stories located in both of John O’Brien’s Untold Stories. He is also the author of the fantasy novelette Children Of The Ice Gods. Currently riding upon the backs of very few but highly recommending reviews of which he hopes to garner more through hard work and the desire to bring readers exciting stories like they have never read before.

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El Paso didn’t turn out the way Ian and his crew had hoped but it wasn’t a total bust. The concept of a safe haven is a fool’s errand at best, especially after millions of potential victims have been drawn there. Pigs to slaughter was the general consensus within their tiny band and the need to keep moving as their only salvation. It wasn’t a total bust as new intel that gave them some clues as to who was behind the evil that killed their families, friends and destroyed the country. New intel that would give them not only a reason to fight but also a target in which to vent their wrath.

In Which We Stand is a post-apocalyptic thriller that lends credence to the fears that many of us share. Is it possible? Who can say, But Five Roads to Texas is a scenario in how it could actually become a reality.

One Nation by Joseph Hansen
For Which We Stand - Joseph Hansen
Wayward Son by Joseph Hansen