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One of the things that has drawn Rich to the post-apocalyptic genre is how it resets everything.

“The rules of society get turned on their head. What’s important immediately becomes very Maslowian. In the case of the zombie plague, safety even takes precedence over the physiological needs. How people would react to that situation is fascinating to me. I try to weave many different perspectives into my writing because no two people, or two groups of people, will have the same reaction. It makes for some interesting scenarios and unlimited causes of conflict.”

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Battle lines are drawn. There is no escaping the coming conflict. It is a battle that Kyle Puckett and his group of friends and family cannot win, but one they must fight.

They are isolated by nature, outnumbered by their enemies, and surrounded by a sea of the living dead. Struggling to overcome setbacks and using every tactic they can devise, their survival may require the ultimate sacrifice.

The Zed’s World Series continues with book 4, Sacrifice, available on November 15, 2019!

Zed's World Book 4, Sacrifice, by Rich Baker
ZED's World Book 1
Zed's World: Book 2